Self-Love is the Best Love

This blog was created for every woman that has ever felt like she was


  • Powerless
  • Insecure
  • Inadequate and had to be something different to fit the standards of our society.



My purpose is to share more of my journey while empowering other women.


I started my self-care journey, INTENTIONALLY, in 2018. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2017 and I was devastated! My coping mechanism was to work more. I volunteered for extra projects and even worked multiple roles within my Department at once. I thought this would make me feel better. Well, it DIDN'T! I got to a place in my life where I felt overworked and undervalued at work. 


And, guess who set that STANDARD?! ME!! I allowed it to happen and I was tired of feeling that way! So, I decided to take my POWER back. I realized that I needed to change my perspective on the situation and how I was handling myself. 


Inner Workings of Self


Man, the inner workings of self are some deep shit! Have you ever talked yourself out of something without saying a word?


This is called our subconscious mind, and if you let it, she will PUNK you!


Our subconscious mind is shaped by our beliefs, childhood experiences, and practices. As a child, I remember my mama always said “Money doesn't grow on trees!” Although she meant absolutely no harm and truly wanted me to be responsible with my allowance, in return, I developed a negative vibration associated with money. I was scared to invest in myself and held on to money for “rainy days''.


The Bible says "Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” 

-Luke 6:38


The law of compensation teaches us that you reap what you sow and I am a firm believer in tithing and sowing seeds. 


It took time to reprogram my mind and create new habits. I'm still in the process, but I've decided to take action. 2020 was the year of investment for me. I made my first 4 figure investment in myself and it wasn’t on the Alexander McQueen sneakers or Red Bottoms! did I finally reach this moment of INVESTMENT. 



Positive Self Talk

Affirmations have played a major role in my transformation. They are a part of who I am and I constantly try to incorporate them into my day. 


What are affirmations? Phrases and statements that you can use to reprogram your mind. Our minds are very powerful! YOU DON'T GET WHAT YOU WANT, YOU GET WHAT YOU BELIEVE! We are the authors of our lives! God is the head of my life, so that's who I consult with daily!


I have affirmations written on sticky notes on my bathroom and bedroom mirror, and I am reminded to affirm myself each time I see it. I also have multiple alarms set on my phone. STOP PLAYING WITH ME! lol Seriously, I try to be more intentional and make it easier on myself.


My affirmations that I recite every morning are:


I am fine because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Can't nobody DO ME, being ME is my SUPERPOWER!


I am fearless because I choose to operate in faith over fear! God didn't create fear! 


I am powerful because I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!


I am enough because I honor where I am and I know where I'm going!


Once you know who you are and who's you are, there is nothing that anyone can tell you about YOURSELF! Sometimes, you have to be your BIGGEST cheerleader! This journey is about YOU!


Increasing Self-Esteem

The increase of self-esteem and self-love will make you feel more deserving of good things in life. Self-esteem affects your mental health, how you behave, the decisions you make, your relationships, and your lifestyle. Confidence will make you go after what you want with more motivation and focus than ever before. 


 Here are some tips to reclaim your self-esteem and confidence, sis!


Keep a journal. Write down your experiences, how you felt about them and whether you felt you dealt with them in a way that aligned with your inner voice. Visualize yourself as your highest self and start showing up as her.


Practice Meditation. There is no better way than to relax, breathe and rest your thoughts. Reflecting and meditating calms the mind, promotes clarity and allows you to realign.



Practice Mirror Work or Tapping. Affirmations and mirror work are a great combination. Look into your eyes and speak life! Set at least 3 affirmations for the day or what you plan to accomplish. 


I look forward to sharing more of my journey and passion for self-care and mindfulness. 


💕 Share this with a friend who needs to see this and COMMENT below what your biggest takeaway was. 🌸


Sending you love and light! Have an amazing weekend!





Grace Allison

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Love this! My biggest takeaway was about the affirmations. I truly believe in affirmations setting the tone of your mindset & being a part of increasing your faith.

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