Grace Allison is from a very small town with such limited resources. Growing up as a child, she always wished that her small hometown had more resources and opportunities for the residents to take advantage of. From first-hand experience, she can attest to the unthinkable traumas and barriers that underserved communities face. She knew that she was the chosen one to break generational curses. Grace is a first-generation college graduate of her family.  She attended two of the best HBCUs ever, Elizabeth City State University and North Carolina Central University. Grace earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Pre-Law at ECSU and received a Master in Public Administration. Grace was selected to participate in the Management Development Institute (MDI) Leadership program, where she was trained on various topics and strategies from time management skills to how to be an effective and positive leader. 
Grace is a Human Resource Consultant and Career Coach. Grace truly believes that before we are successful, we need to properly prepare to thrive in our respective fields. She is not referring to just resume’ critiques and mock interviews, although those are skills that we should definitely master, however, she is suggesting that we take a more in-depth analysis of working with our mindset. She advocates for well-being, which included self-care, self-awareness, self-development, accountability, and meeting the basic needs of life. She truly believes that taking the time to help someone figure out who they are, what their educational goals, career goals, and life goals are truly makes a big difference in a person’s confidence. 
She has hosted several events to empower women by being educated on self-care, goal setting, work-life balance, mindfulness, beauty and health, and wellness. 
Grace prides herself on being resilient, persistent, and tenacious. She compares her journey to the sprouting of a lotus flower, maintaining strength, prevailing through any obstacles thrown in her way, and rising above adversity.