Who Am I?

Heyyy dolls heyyyy!!


I would like to take the time to welcome you to The Fine and Fearless Lifestyle and introduce myself to some and reintroduce myself to others. 



I am Grace Allison. Let's start with I luhhhh God!!! I was born in Queens, New York and raised in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. I love being a Southern Belle! 💕  I was raised in a single parent home by my mom, who worked multiple jobs to provide for my brother and I. I appreciate everything she DOES!!

I am from a very small town with such limited resources. I'm talking no Wal-Mart and one grocery store small. LOL I love home and it is truly apart of me. Growing up as a child, I always wished that my small hometown had more resources and opportunities for the residents to take advantage of. From first-hand experience, I can attest to the unthinkable traumas and barriers that underserved communities face. 

I've always known that I was the chosen one to break generational curses. I didn't grow up with too many "GOLD-STAR" examples, but I saw what I didn't want to become and that was my motivation to do more. I am the first-generation college graduate of my family. I attended two of the best HBCUs ever, Elizabeth City State University and North Carolina Central University. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Pre-Law at ECSU and received a Master in Public Administration. I value knowledge and I’m forever a student of life! OH, Let's not forget that I pledged the best sorority EVER, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. OO-OOP! 


I advocate for well-being, which include self-care, self-awareness, self-development, accountability, and meeting the basic needs of life. I truly believe that taking the time to figure out who you are, what your educational goals, career goals, and life goals will truly make a big difference in a person’s confidence. 


I pride myself on being resilient, persistent, and tenacious. I would compare my journey to the sprouting of a lotus flower, maintaining strength, prevailing through any obstacles thrown in my way, and rising above adversity. The lotus flower can survive despite the environment and that’s how I feel!  I’m a SURVIVOR 🦋


I look forward to sharing more of my journey and passion for self-care and mindfulness! ✨



Now that  you know more about me, comment below and tell me your name and where you’re from. Sending you light and love! 💕



From the same home town & bloodline! Words can not describe how proud of you I am. You’ve always been one to shine your light & it’s becoming brighter & brighter as you continue to evolve. Wishing you blessings on blessings my luv 💙


Hey Doll,

I loved your post and the timing was perfect ! Needed a reminder to stay resilient and persistent. You’re such an inspiration for me. My favorite part was about the lotus flower for sure. I actually have a huge lotus flower tattoo. For me, it essentially represents the same thing but more about reaching a spiritual and mental enlightenment; a rebirth. It depicts calmness, purity, and perfection in one’s behavior, and in spite of the environment it grows beautifully out the mud and rises above. Talk about a lesson in resilience, persistence, and tenacity! Thank you.

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