The Fine and Fearless Mindset



What is mindfulness:

Mindfulness is simply being aware and conscious of our thoughts and feelings towards a situation or a person. 

You’re probably thinking, how does this exactly help with creating the life that I want to live. Positive thinking creates positive results and manifestation is REAL! A mindset shift can create great things in your life. 

Once you become aware of your thoughts, you can replace those thoughts with positive ones. Mindfulness and perception are key. You don’t get what you want, you get what you believe. 


Steps to a Fine and Fearless mindset 

  • Acknowledge imperfections
  • Self-awareness is so important. Self-awareness allows you to be brutally honest with yourself. Nobody is perfect, so it’s important to know what areas are your strengths and what areas are your weaknesses. Take a hard look at your weaknesses. Learn as much as possible to eventually turn your weakness into a strength. 


  • View obstacles as opportunities 
  • Someone took the same situation that you’re in and made it work for them. And so can you. Perception is everything. Our obstacles can become a stepping stone to greater. It’s a hard pill to swallow when life happens but it is the beginning of personal growth and evolution. God will use life events to produce a better version of ourselves. It all depends on your personal view. 

  • Learn from failure
  • Perfectly imperfect. When things go wrong or not as planned, it is a learning opportunity. Analyze everything that worked and why it worked and everything that didn’t work and why it didn’t work. Grow through with you go through!  

  • Learn from other people’s mistakes
  • Come on now! If one of your girls step in a puddle of water and says watch your step… What are you going to do? Why would you want to make the same mistake? So many people miss this. This is so important and can save you trial and error. 

    Take notice of what’s going on around you. Pay attention to everything. I always find it helpful to find someone that’s where you trying to be and study them. Be vigilant! Remember they started right where you are. 

  • Welcome feedback and constructive criticism 
  • Constructive criticism is vital for personal growth. Accept the feedback with grace.  This allows you to view the situation with a new and unbiased perspective. Sometimes we can be blind to our own bullshiiii because we view the situation from a fixed perspective, it’s normal. When you have real ones on your team, they will give you the real, harsh truth, and that’s what we need at times. You need someone in your circle that is brutally honest without being rude. Thank you girlaahh!! 

  • Create a sense of purpose 
  • We are all motivated by something. Whether it be to make your family proud? Whether it be financial freedom? Whether it be living life on your own terms? Decide to have a bigger purpose. What is your why? How can you impact the world? Whenever you’re feeling drained, unsure, or confused, remember your purpose. This is going to fuel your fire and add meaning to your life. 

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